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Smith’s Leather Balm is a non toxic leather conditioner designed to restore worn leather and protect new leather goods.

We wanted a product that could be safely applied by hand.  A substitute for the toxic products we saw on shelves with harmful chemicals and warning labels.

This large 4 oz. tin is the perfect choice for large applications, furniture, bags or multiple pairs of shoes and boots.  It will last most customers 1-2 years.



-4 oz. Handmade in Maine
-Made with only 3 all natural ingredients
-Can be applied safely by hand without a rag or messy clean up
-Fits conveniently in a pocket or gear
-Neutral color; works on all smooth leathers.


1. Ensure that leather goods are clean and dry.
2. Test small amount on a hidden patch of leather to preview results.
3. Start with a small amount. A little goes a long way.
4. Best applied by hand and massaged into leather, but a clean rag works also.
5. Leather will absorb the balm immediately Some leathers may darken slightly but return to their natural shade within 24 hours.
6. Repeat as necessary to protect, restore, and extend life of leather goods.

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Don't take our word for it.


Absolutely beautiful. Great service, great product...not much more needs to be said. Thanks Jin


London, England


Finally got a chance to use the new hole punch. I am in love with it. Highly recommend, well worth the price and waiting for arrival!!

Mistee Burns

Durand, MI


In my 30 years of leather work these are the best I’ve owned.

Rampant Lion Leathersmith

Los Cedar Hill, Tennesse